Friday, February 17, 2012

What's A Wannabe Photographer To Do?

I mentioned a few posts back about my growing love of photography.  It's funny, all the time I would have spent reading books for book club (or time that should be spent scrubbing toilets, washing dishes, folding laundry) has been taken over by devouring my camera manual or searching out photography information online. 

As my comfort behind the lens increases, I really have seen an improvement in my images.  And if I can brag a little, I got another Class Standout Award from my online photography group hosted by Little Fashion Diary for this picture of a nail!  Yay! - Badge 1

Anyway, I am considering taking up this hobby of mine as a way to earn money.  I love taking pictures of nature and still life, and I feel those are my strong subjects.  Obviously I love taking pictures of my boys, too.  Although, I can only shoot pictures of my boys a handful of times before they begin to scowl and run away.  So, I am always up for some willing subjects. 

My camera goes with me to all school events, and I try to take shots of the kids using all my limited growing know-how.  Recently, I've been lucky enough to have a friend let me take pictures of her daughter's birthday party.  One of my dear friends even allowed me to take some practice shots of her sweet two week old little boy. 

Imagine my excitement when another friend offered up her soon to be born twin girls for a photo shoot!!! I've been doing research every chance I get about positioning, props, and other little tricks of the trade for newborn shoots.  My husband has been so encouraging and even built me one of those DIY photography backdrop stands out of PVC pipe you see all over Pinterest. 

Really wanting to test out all my new equipment, props, and of course to practice my shooting and editing, I did what any wannabe photog would do.  I enlisted the help of my sons' Cabbage Patch Kids.

Meet Salvatore and Dominic.  :) 

They were so happy to participate in my photo shoot, and couldn't have been better subjects.  Well, they could have posed better on their tummies and had arms that would fold across their bodies. 

It was pretty funny to see me trying to force those little stuffed dolls into positions they were not going to get into.  I know there are things I need to improve on, but I have to start somewhere, right? :)


  1. LMBO at the photos! You are hilarious. You know I got 6 willing subjects over here anytime you want to take some pics. :)

  2. Your photos are great.

    Have fun with the babies and be grateful that they fold like soft noodles.

    Having knit diaper covers are really cute and look better than disposables. Or even put them in just standard cloth diapers. Anything but disposables make for a better photo.

  3. Hehe, and these guys don't fuss! Fun idea! =)

    ~ goodgirlgoneglad