Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I need a writing prompt....

I'm trying, honestly. :) I think I'm doing a decent job. However, I've been drawing a blank about what to write about lately. Then I remembered that inspiration is just a click away.

I follow Mama Kat on Instagram. She has a great blog that I really enjoy reading. As a former English teacher turned stay at home mom (with a home daycare), she craved some sort of creative outlet.

Once a week she provides writing prompts for bloggers (me included) to use to help get the writing juices flowing. So, I'm jumping in and finally going to write one. On my blog. And not in my head.

My writing prompt choice this week:

Write a poem about a little boy in your life...

To My Baby Boy

Sweet son, growing fast.
Stopping time, my only wish.
You're changing daily.

I've always loved haiku, don't you? :)

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