Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Send in the Stylists, STAT!

Please, someone quickly sign me up for a makeover show!  I don't care which one either.  Because if I truly look like this picture, I must need some SERIOUS help.

Yesterday morning, my sweet little baby offensive little heathen was sitting on my lap while I checked my favorite websites for everything I missed while I was sleeping.  While I was on Facebook, my former cherub pointed at that picture above and proudly said, "Mama!" 


Clearly, I needed to reassess his proclamation.  It had to be a misunderstanding.  He is, after all, only 18 months old and was speaking with a pacifier in his mouth.  So, I pointed and asked him, "Who is that?", to which he replied, "Mama". Oh, please, no.

Is that what I've become?  A gauntly, man-faced mother with unkempt hair?

Ok, maybe some days. Although, hopefully not the man-faced part.

Motherhood is tiring and keeps you busy, so I can partly understand my little one recognizing the hollow cheeks and dark circles frequently present on my face on that man above.  Alright, yes, my hair is curly and can get a little unruly especially if I can't make it into the shower until after the children go to bed at night. 

But really, THIS?!?

I'm going to put on make-up now. And everyday for the rest of my life.


(and no offense to the man pictured, whoever he may be.  i'm sure he's a millionaire model.)

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