Monday, February 13, 2012

Doesn't Everyone Play in the Snow at 6:30 in the Morning??

The last few winters have spoiled my boys.  They expect Oklahoma to get a foot of snow each winter, and for school to be cancelled for a week.  So, when an impending winter storm was headed our way last night, they couldn't have been more excited. 

As I tucked them in last night, they began to imagine the all fun they would have in the snow.  Building snowmen, sledding, and snow ball fights would fill their day off from school. 

Sadly, when they awoke (before the crack of dawn) I had to break the news to them.  Snow had fallen, but only a couple of inches.  School was not cancelled, and the snow would most likely be melted before my oldest's return from kindergarten. 

So, what else was a mom to do?  Yes, the sun had not risen and was very dark.  It was well below freezing.  But there was snow on the ground, and the boys couldn't miss it. 

We bundled up and went out!

We followed animal tracks.

We The boys made snow angels,

and snowballs.

The baby loved his first real experience in the snow.

I'm so thankful I get to spend these special moments with my boys.
(even though I froze my fingers off!)


  1. They look like they had a blast! I'm glad they have 2 great parents like you and Daryl. Cool pics...literally.

  2. So much fun!!! We went out too...but not quite that early ;)

    1. It was! :) I'm glad we did because it has mostly melted.